Saturday, 30 January 2010

A few of my favourite things

Fan PigTure by Akim JM Willems
[A gentle droid]

Floating Minds

Fan PigTure by BastianK

Monday, 4 January 2010

Blöw Me Till I'm Tight

Blöw Me Till I'm Tight, a romantic sex doll porn musical
by Pfis Actionismus under the authority of TicKL Magazine

This, Dear Visitors of our Tattle, Dear seeker of Surplus Value is the premiere of our first TicKL short Super8 movie.
TicKL has been unleashing all its filthy thoughts upon an artistic Super8 movie. The resultant oeuvre is a joyful masterstroke of the tawdriest absurdity - and we just love it. This production has been hailed by critics as "obnubilated skellumnery", "so ithyphallic that I almost fustigated myself" and "as excitingly warped as licking batteries" (so basically, very excitingly warped indeed, and also a bit sickening, but it doesn't stop you wanting to do it again).

We have to warn you though that on the one hand, the TicKL movie does show immoral scenes of inanimate objects being squirted with detergent-based hygiene products. On the other hand, though, why be a chicken. Bwak-buk-buk-buk. Bwaaak-buk-buk.

Get ready to be vaguely flummoxed as you've never been vaguely flummoxed before!